Apparently, You Can’t Use Your Parents’s Costco Card Without Them… Learned That One The Hard Way!

Let me begin by saying how jealous I am that everyone else is on Fall Break while I am in the middle of a way too busy week.  My Mexican teacher (I’m no longer calling it Spanish) is in some serious need of some marriage time because her husband has been on an Air Force base in Georgia (with the Real Housewives of Atlanta) and she gets to see him this week for the first time in about three months and let me just say that for her sanity, and the sanity of my entire Mexican class, she needs her Señor desperately or else I might not go back to the class for much longer since she is going crazy.  Also, Happy October (my favorite month of the year since my birthday takes place in it)!

Oh, so on Friday, I went on a date (hence the reason for asking about kissing on a first date, which by the way, wasn’t very helpful since it was a tie of 43% between going for it and depending on how long I’ve known the person, while 14% of you said to wait until the second date) and this was the first time that the Audi had a date so mazel to my Audi!  As to the girl and where it is going, I don’t know but I’ll keep ya’ll (yes, I LOVE saying and writing the word ya’ll) posted.  And as for the did I kiss her question, the answer is no.

As the title of tonight’s entry says, I had a bit of an interesting experience in the Costco because apparently, I’m not allowed to use Larry’s Costco card since I’m clearly NOT LARRY (and I will have whatever plastic surgery is needed to make sure I NEVER do look like him) but in my defense, where else can I buy 48 cans of my favorite non-alcoholic drink for less than the cost of 6 cans of the same drink in a grocery store?  The answer is no where but Costco.  So, I ended up basically telling the sales lady to let me buy my Aranciata and Limonata drinks by San Pellegrino (I really only like the Aranciata but you have to buy both because it’s Costco), my 2lb block of Irish cheddar cheese, box of Carrs crackers (5 boxes inside 1 big box), a 9lb box of oatmeal for Justin (I felt bad for leaving on his birthday, plus he buys the generic oatmeal at Publix), and 200 paper napkins (I gave away 80 of them so far so I’m really just left with 120).  Now, I can proudly say that I have been um… kindly asked not to return to said Costco unless I have a card that has my name and photo on it which I’m not going to listen to because why would I be afraid of the lady with the red vest on?

Andrew went by the Finnian’s Rainbow rehearsal today (don’t forget to buy tickets) and said it looks great so far!  Lisa is going to be made a senior associate editor of the Life Section of the Cavalier Daily because the current senior associate editor is an incompetent moron who can’t do anything right and never deserved the title to begin with (look out NY Times!) and Princess Grace is voluntarily going to New Jersey tomorrow (bring your own oxygen, water (to brush your teeth and to shower with) and food), a state that is good for only 5 things: Princeton, collecting New York’s garbage, receiving shipments from cargo ships, providing old people with a place to go (Atlantic City) in their old people clothing, and for requiring someone else to pump the gas for you (because why on earth would you get out of your car in New Jersey?  Breathing that air kills brain cells)!  She is going to get Lego an MRI so best of luck with that bubbula!  Also, Erica has received two job offers and saw her nephew get baptised this past weekend so Mazel Auntie Erica!

Finally, after watching the AMAZING Entourage season finale, it finally hit me that I am actually turning 20 in almost 9 days, which is not exactly terrifying but it has lead me to begin to reassess my life and look back on all that I have done and decide what habits, foods, choices, etc… I need to end in a few days.  So, goodbye Nerds, Lunchable Pizzas (super vice), Smuckers Uncrustables (OMG AMAZING!), and maybe even Dr. Pepper (Coca Cola just seems more grownup)!  So until next time…


PS: I have not forgotten about “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO CHARLES,” but I’m having trouble recording it so I’ll work on it this weekend when I’m home and don’t have other things going on.  Oh, and to all of my UVa readers, Grace and I picked out who we’re dressing up as for Halloween and ya’ll are going to flip when you see us (all I’m going to say is that we’re an older Jewish couple from New York)!


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